Mariangela Smania

Art by Mariangela Smania

“The path to innovation
leads us on a road filled
with creative ideas,
to guide us in our
search for perfection.”

Mariangela Smania


The CEO of AlmaXP is an artist and entrepreneur.
Or is she an entrepreneur and artist?

Either way, Mariangela Smania has the agility and breadth of perspectives needed for today.

Mariangela has exhibited her work in Europe and in the United States, including at Tercera Gallery in Palo Alto and at the San Francisco Design Center.

She found her true calling in Silicon Valley, when she saw how art, aesthetics and technology can combine in a world that’s more productive and sustainable.

Since 2008, Mariangela has been building learning expeditions for groups and immersing them in Silicon Valley culture. The programs include meetings with startups and high-profile companies, venture capitalists and universities. They offer an introduction to the local culture and ecosystem, as well as workshops in Design Thinking and lectures by local thought-leaders. The programs are designed to showcase what makes the Valley thrive, its unique mindset and secret sauce.

Mariangela holds a certificate in “Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation” awarded by D.School, Stanford University, and has trained in entrepreneurship and innovation. She is also an expert on the history of the Valley.

Between 2014 and 2015, Mariangela was a representative of SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) in Brazil, working in business development with innovation hubs in the state of Santa Catarina.

Residing in Silicon Valley since 2006, Mariangela has also lived in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.
By immersing herself in all these different cultures, Mariangela developed an interest in human behavior and what makes us unique.

She realized these perspectives could help companies identify problems and find creative solutions, which, in turn, inspired her to launch Alma XP.

“Art, emotion and human relationships are the elements that nourish our souls.” 

Mariangela Smania connects innovation, entrepreneurship and art, challenging the status quo and creating a world of possibilities.