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At AlmaXP, our mission is to foster creativity and disruption.
We inspire ideation, so that you can connect the dots.
With our unique combination of art and entrepreneurship,
we offer tailor-made learning expeditions
and programs that are transformative.

We’re at the intersection of art and entrepreneurship, working with seemingly opposite forces
(freedom and limitation, the possible and the impossible) to promote creative problem-solving.

As specialists in disruptive innovation,
we offer inspiring experiences tailored to your needs.

Alma XP connects art with entrepreneurship.
Our guest speakers include Silicon Valley thought-leaders and our workshops are designed
to help you think creatively, to develop a critical eye.
We’re here to reframe your thinking and approach to decision-making.

The Silicon Valley mindset is at the heart of what we do.
Our programs are immersed in that ecosystem,
drawing parallels between the mindset of an entrepreneur and that of an artist.
We help you develop a new way of seeing things.

That is, we augment your reality.

At AlmaXP, we reframe perspectives,
leading entrepreneurs, executives and companies on their own path to innovation.


“My philosophy is
to innovate through
personal transformation.
I help people get in touch
with their creative abilities,
so they are better equipped
to identify problems and
imagine solutions.”

Alma XPeriences

Understanding how to connect art and entrepreneurship

To innovate, one needs to develop new perspectives, to build new pictures and processes. It is important to challenge traditional thought and methods, paving the way for positive transformation. Here are some of the transformative experiences we offer:


Some of the clients that have discovered Silicon Valley’s secret sauce with us:

These are just some of the companies I have had the pleasure of working with, guiding them on their paths to innovation.

Looking to experiment, explore and augment your vision?
Join Alma XPeriences.

Expand your Business Mind

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