Disruptive thinking is a catalyst to innovation. Questioning the status quo is a fundamental part of the process. To give Alma (soul) to ideas, Mariangela Smania and Pierre Cintra show the importance of using the Design Thinking methodology. You will learn the techniques used by Silicon Valley leaders to create or improve products and services that are admired worldwide. This is a hands-on workshop that will put concepts into practice, enabling you to apply them to your own work environment.

What to expect:
· A human-centric way to solve problems
· Techniques and frameworks for analysis
· How to challenge assumptions and reframe perceptions
· Looking into solving the real problem
· Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
This is a hands-on workshop that includes practical exercises. Participants will be encouraged to find solutions based on conceptual challenges proposed on the spot.

Duration: 4.0 hours

Pierre Cintra holds a degree in Structural Engineering from IME (Military Institute of Engineering, Rio de Janeiro) and has worked for many years in Technology in global companies such as: Petrobrás, Norwich Union/Aviva, Amadeus Data Processing and Intel. He has been with Google at its Silicon Valley headquarters since 2007. Pierre is part of a group of innovation evangelizers in Google's Finance department, whose goal is to encourage constant reinvention within. Pierre holds a certificate in “Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation” awarded by D.School, Stanford University. In addition to English and Portuguese, Pierre is fluent in French, German and Spanish, having lived in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. He has lived in the USA since 2006.

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