There is an increasing awareness in Silicon Valley that organizations need to offer more than table tennis, happy hours, or incentive programs to keep employees fulfilled and engaged, and to minimize turnover. Although these are great tokens of appreciation, they are temporary, a fleeting escape from work routine. So there is a shift of focus towards what can transform this routine into something more meaningful and fulfilling, and a realization that leading with empathy plays a key role in this shift.

Employees work hard nowadays. They work overtime, often during the weekends and spend most of their lives in the workplace. They want to know their leaders will be there for them and can build a community they want to belong to, where they feel a sense of support, growth and team effort. This is how loyalty is built, and it relies heavily on leaders that focus on Empathy, Kindness and Compassion.

This program will give you insights on how to build a leadership culture of empathy in your company. You will:

· Learn what Silicon Valley companies are doing to promote empathy in the workplace
Understand and experience empathy in practice, gaining clarity around thoughts and emotions.
Learn to see the world through other people's eyes while remaining centered and authentic
Engage and co-create with others in a compassionate manner.

With these insights, you will strengthen your leadership skills. You will be able to connect with others, empathizing and inspiring collaborations with greater synergy. You will be empowered to make meaningful connections, sharing your entrepreneurial journey with clients, colleagues, friends, family and within your communities.

Duration: 2.0 hours

Cecília Kremer, PhD, is an Executive Coach and Design
Thinking Practitioner. Passionate about creating unforgettable
experiences, Cecília has been focusing on designing experiences
in digital environments for over 20 years. She is
currently dedicating herself to helping corporate
clients create meaningful collaborations.

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